Message from Lay leader

Message from Lay leader : 2007 – 2008


All praise be to God for His faithful guidance and providence over the last 50 years. He is indeed worthy of our worship.

For many Wesleyans including myself, we were not yet born when Wesley Methodist Church was “birthed” through Rev. David MacDonald in 1958. We were quite ignorant of its history. The sharing by our former missionary pastors and local pastors during the forum helped me to find my “roots” in Wesley Methodist Church.

I’m humbled by the presence of so many former missionary pastors. The faithfulness and enthusiasm of our former missionary pastors, local pastors and members touched and inspired me immensely.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, let us continue the good works of our former missionary pastors, local pastors and church members. Let us not be contended with the progress of our church but continue to be faithful to the task which the Lord God has entrusted us with.

Let us pray that we’ll neither fail God nor the generation in which He has placed us.

Let us leave a rich Christian heritage for the next generation to the glory of God.


In Christ,
George Lau.