Message From the Editor

From the Editorial Desk….

The 50th Anniversary celebration of Wesley Church has come and gone… It was indeed a time of celebration: a time when we got to meet up with our past pastors from both afar and near. What a joy it was for some of us to meet up with old friends and for others, to see the faces of those whom they only know by their names.

Celebration is not only a time of fellowship, but also a time to witness the greatness and goodness of God in sending His early missionaries to us.

Celebration is not only a time of joyful gathering, but also a time of appreciation, reflection and anticipation.

Celebration is not only a time to reminisce the good old past, but also a time to undertake God’s new tasks for us.

Celebration is not only a time of recollecting the past achievements, but also a time to build upon those achievements and move beyond our comfort zone.   


This celebration is a time of “reminiscing the past, reflecting the present and reckoning the future” which is the theme of our celebration forum.

What was achieved in the past is more than history; it is a call for our commitment to carry the torch and continue the race. We must continue to hold the torch of hope and love. In order to create a greater impact in our society, this celebration must become a watershed that Wesley Methodist Church could write the coming 50 years with glory and grace.

The years ahead will not be easy. The challenges in front of us will be more complex; they demand not only commitment but also the will to move forward. Are we prepared to bear the torch as what our first pastor, Rev David MacDonald, has challenged us to do?

Before we take the next step we need to ponder on the question posed by our Bishop, Rev. Dr Hwa Yung,  “What is our responsibility as a church to this nation Malaysia?” To reform this nation, we need to spread scriptural holiness throughout this land.  We need to put our house in order; we need to give our best to God. We need to pray.

By Grace Lim